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I did a quick survey at Cafe Solstice about “What attracted you to Cafe Solstice?” And more than 80% of the people told me it was the place itself, and also the pastry, which is the second place with about 60% on my list. Sitting at the cafe doing my work and watching the people that walk in and walk out. I understand that cafe actually can provide this feeling of detachment from the world. It is a space that can provide you the individuality by a cup of a coffee, a laptop, and a piece of cookie. It is ‘your’ cafe, ‘your’ time’ at the moment. We are not detached, but we gained our individuality in the cafe, instead of following the flow out there.

From Dnaiel Kerr’s paper, what got into me is the meaning of being objective and also┬áinfluential. He mentioned that sharing authority with others does not give up objectivity, which I believe in Cafe Solstice, everyone has the authority of defining this place they way they want. For me, is the place to get alone. And I believe, for a lot of people, it also applies.

From Paul Virilio’s paper, he argued about how new technology has affected our space and time. What makes we notice that we went into the city without a gate? Technology has brought us closer, but at the same time, the lines became broader. But the feeling of people is not able to be replaced by technology. When we walked into the cafe, that line is clear. It is the atmosphere in the cafe, and the people there that makes the difference. Although the image can be captured, the music can be recreated. The feeling is not able to replace.

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